Maya Angelou is famous for her poetry on civil rights, She wrote the famous poem,  Still I Rise
Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda is considered one of the greatest and most influential Hispanic  poets of the 20th century

Watch a video of  Smart by Shel Silverstein

Walt Whitman

Shel Silverstein wrote poetry for children
Sri Chinmoy was a famous Indian philosopher, poet,  and teacher

Famous Women Poets

Emily Dickinson
Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman's  Birthplace
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Masaoka Shaiki, a Japanese poet who revitalized haiku poetry.
Poetry for Children


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Painting of Langston Hughes by Weiss
The Trail of Tears
Langston Hughes

What is a haiku poem?

Watch a video of Maya Angelou Reading her poem, Still I Rise

Pablo Neruda
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Native American poetry, The  Trail of Tears. Photo  courtsey
April is National Poetry Month!
In April we celebrate Arbor Day